Cara teaches the owner to communicate with his or her dog through sign and talking... - Rustie's owner
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About the Class

Is your dog driving you crazy?  We can help.

In a six week session your dog will learn to walk on the leash without pulling, ignore distractions, start when you start, stop when you stop and actually pay attention to you.  They will also learn to sit and lay down, both to hand and voice commands and also under heavy distraction.  No matter what is going on around you, your dog will HOLD THOSE POSITIONS until YOU release them. And (the most popular part of the class) we teach your dog to come when they are called!

The classes are held once a week and run for one hour and take place at the Lindon Rec Centre in Miramichi, NB.

Private sessions are also an option for those who cannot make it to the classes or have particular problem issues (with their dog that is) that they need addressed.  A private session lasts approximately one hour and there is a lot of information packed into that hour!  You WILL need to take notes!